Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weeeee....... Veggie Wheels!

Hey Y'all!
First of all I want to share some amazing news about myself. Since August 30th of last year, I have lost over 33 lbs! Whoo Hoo! Since I am an avid cook, and lover of food, this is a big achievement for me. So I may from time to time, share more healthier recipes for those of you who are trying to lose weight, and making better health choices.
This recipe is easy, and is from the book, "Hungry Girl Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt Free Eating in the Real World." The best thing is that is that it is only 143 calories per serving, which is six pieces! This makes only one serving, however, just multiply the ingredients to make more servings. I hope you enjoy it, and here's to a healthier 2013!!


Weeeee.....Veggie Wheels
1 medium low-fat flour tortilla (about 110 calories  & with at least 6g fiber)
1/4 cup chopped red bell peppers
1/2 cup fresh spinach ( stems removed )
1 tablespoon chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon chopped scallions
1 tablespoon fat free cream cheese (softened)
1/4 tsp. ranch dressing mix, dry
  1. In a small bowl, combine cream cheese, & ranch dressing mix; stir until smooth and mixed thofoughly
  2. Microwave tortilla ( about 3-5 seconds) until slightly warm. Lay the tortilla on a clean flat surface and evenly spread cream cheese mixture on top of it.
  3. Place spinach, red peppers, scallions and tomatoes evenly over cheese layer.
  4. Very carefully, roll the tortilla up from one end to the other, creating a pinwheel of layers, as opposed to a burrito.
  5. Wrap the tortilla securely in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for at least one hour to chill.
  6. When you are ready to eat, remove the plastic wrap and cut off both ends of the wrap where the tortilla does not fully wrap around.
  7. Slice the rest of the wrap into six equal slices.
Makes 1 serving ( 6 pieces)
Per serving: 143 calories, 2.5 g fat, 506mg sodium, 27g carbs,
10g fiber, 3 g sugars, 10g protein